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September 19, 2011 / dancerdallagio

MFW: Donna Flora

Donna Flora has just released their fall 2011 collection and there is something here for absolutely everyone.  There are fabulous coats, dresses, gowns, period pieces and thoroughly modern designs.  To top it all off, there is more stunning jewelry as well, beginning with the jeweled brooch on the Helena coat’s lapel.  Donna Flora GALA Earrings in black compliment the outfit well.  The peach of the coat coordinates with the knitted grey top.

The coat dress is a timeless classic, here brought with modern flair with the stockings and knitted sweater top underneath.  The hat cocked to one side brings attitude to the outfit.

The coat opens to reveal the dress underneath.  The belt ties the coat together.

Coming or going, this coat is a beautiful classic look.

The knitted top and silk chiffon skirt can be worn on their own, making this one very versatile outfit.

Donna Flora also released several gowns for the fall season.  This is the BLAIR Butterfly gown shown with the BLAIR jewelry set in amethyst and gold.  The jewelry set is finely detailed as are all of the pieces that Squinternet Larnia creates.  The aqua accents in the jewelry go perfectly with the gown.  The hair shown is  Tukinowaguma’s Umblea+Flower (Black) which adds to the dramatic look of this ensemble.  Butterflies abound on this gown, from the shawl collar to the bodice and beyond.

Here you can see the fine silk of the shawl and gloves as well as the multi-hued colours of the gown.  The sequins and strass of the butterflies really make them stand out well.

This gown, like so many from Donna Flora, is not for the faint of heart, as you will be the center of attention when you enter a room wearing this gown.  The purples and blues meld perfectly together in the dress and the skirt is a lovely mermaid style with a full bottom.

Be prepared for stunned looks as you sashay into the room in this lovely creation from Donna Flora.  Just stay away from butterfly nets!

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Donna Flora Helena Peach
Donna Flora GALA Earrings black
((Crystal line)) Prim nail *Crystal*
Nardcotix Absinthe Ebony
Baiastice Agnes hair attachment RED (porcelaine)
Baiastice Nina porcelaine makeup 2 RD+hair
Baiastice Kim eyeshadow-grey tattoo

Donna Flora BLAIR Butterfly gown
Donna Flora BLAIR Earrings & Necklace set
Tukinowaguma Umblea+Flower (Black) modified
Baiastice Nina porcelaine makeup 11 RED+hair
Poses by agapee


Donna Flora:
((Crystal line)):
September 18, 2011 / dancerdallagio

MFW: Baiastice 1

MFW has just ended, and the new Fall Collections of many designers have hit the grid.  Getting into the wonderful crisp fall days coming ahead was easy with Baiastice’s new Lomoli outfit.  This is one of those instant have-to-have outfits that I really wish I had in that other life I have.  This outfit is totally wearable and right on key in the tune of fashion; it’s just so of the moment yet completely a look you can wear right off the runway.  I adore hats and this one is a great new take with the fab tall shape and the brim set just above the eyes.  The flower seen on the top is echoed on the back of the hat; Baiastice is really known for quality attention to details like that.  The top is so sumptuous and yummy, showing comfort and fashion combined at its finest.

Pair the outfit with Baiastice’s new Lucilla earrings in silver and Armour Spike Rings for that extra bit of glam.  Hair is Baiastice Agnes, which is matched to the skin tone; here I’m wearing  Baiastice Nina Porcelaine make up 3 RD+hair.  Baiastice Milly Lipstick dark red finishes the face for that fresh but fabulous look.

The skirt is fit and flared with great pleating which is topped off with a wide silver buckled belt.  Lagerfeld must surely be eating his heart out seeing this outfit.  I was feeling extra cold so I wore both the tights and socks that come with the outfit, even though you can wear just one if you like.  I’m really hoping for a chilly winter soon!

This is not an outfit that keeps you from moving.  The sculpts are extremely well done and made with more than posing in mind.  The Armour Spike Rings are hard to see here but they are just great; I’ve not seen anything like them before and they really rock this outfit to add just a bit more edginess.  Finishing off are the new Baiastice Nicki Ankle Boots in black.  I just love love love these shoes!  They are not only highly in vogue but the attention to detail again comes into play when you look at them closely.

I just love the zippers down the back.  Zippers and hardware are still capturing attention on runways this season and Sissy Pessoa makes her own interpretation of the look sublimely.  These are resizable and come with alphas and invisiprims so you can wear them either way.  Run down to Modavia to get these great items; they will be available at the main store of Baiastice in a couple of days.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Baiastice Lomoli darkest
Baiastice Nicki Ankle Boots black
Baiastice Armour Spike Rings
Baiastice Lucilla Silver Earrings
Baiastice Agnes hair attachment Red (porcelaine)
Baiastice Milly Lipstick dark red tattoo
Baiastice Nina Porcelaine make up 3 RD+hair
Poses by agapee

May 28, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Japan Relief Fundraiser – Meghindo’s

Two more days are left for you to HELP with the Japan Relief Fundraiser, with matching donations when the total for the weekend hits $L 50,000.  Please HELP by purchasing some of the stunning creations by designers which are donating 100% of their proceeds to AmeriCares.

Meghindo’s has donated this absolutely breathtaking Shantal Wedding Ensemble in champagne.  The quality of the textures is absolutely incredible and the gown is one that will bring many “oohs” and “ahhs” as you walk down the aisle in this fantastic creation.  The dress really is this long, with prims that seem to go on forever.  You certainly will be remembered long after the ceremony wearing this gorgeous gown.

The prims on this gown move beautifully.  Quality craftsmanship really shows when it comes to movement in a garment, and this one is definitely one which flows and flows remarkably.  The tones of the champagne colours add depth and interest to the gown.

Shown here with Tukinowaguma’s Marie+Rose(White) modified and Donna Flora’s CARMEN copper set of necklace and earrings, you are ready to be the beautiful blushing bride.  The jewelry seems made for the gown with the varied hues of taupes and copper roses with delicate chains and sumptuous drops.  The background is the lovely dress itself.

The jewelry is seen here without obstruction from the floral hairpiece to show the stunning detail work.

The bodice of the gown is richly embroidered lace accented with crystal beads and a sash just below the bustline with a central beaded brooch.  This gown spares no detail at any place, and is truly a work of art.

For that big event, this gown by Meghindo’s is the perfect choice. Proceeds benefit AmeriCares.  Say “I do” to helping Japan.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Meghindo’s Shantal Wedding Ensemble in champagne
Donna Flora CARMEN copper set necklace, earrings
Tukinowaguma Marie+Rose(White) modified
Baiastice Sunset Eyeshadow Bronze
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup 11 RD+hair
poses by agapee


May 28, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Japan Relief Fundraiser – GF & Alienbear’s

This is the last weekend for the Japan Relief Fundraiser and a great time to hurry and catch those last minute purchases.  An anonymous donor has offered to match funds raised if $L50,000 is donated this weekend, so please HELP.  Also, BOSL Photographer of the Year Skip Stahili is offering his services in a raffle of which 100% of the proceeds will be given to AmeriCares.

Two designers who have given items to this fundraiser are Alienbear’s Designs and *GF* with their lovely collections in pink.  The *GF* Mermaid Dress “Saki” [JRF Exclusive] seems made to go with Alienbear’s Sakura Wishes Necklace JRF 2011.  They both feature the rich pink of the Sakura blossom, so dear to the hearts of everyone in Japan as well as those wherever these cherry blossoms are planted. They are iconically Japanese and here symbolize both hope and a connection to the past, so vital for rebuilding such a special country of people.

Alienbear Gupte has also put up 3 additional sets which coordinate with the necklace and which she is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these items to AmeriCares.  These include the earrings, bracelets, and hairpiece shown in the various photos here.

The stunning “Saki” Mermaid dress has beautiful shades of pink blooms as a chest ornament on the bodice over a sweetheart neckline.  They compliment well the satin of the dress, adding to the elegance of the gown.  Hair here is by Tukinowaguma (modified), makeups by Baiastice.

The sleek skirt of the gown gives way to a full mermaid bottom, here glimpsed and which shows a repeat of the rose adornment of the bodice.

The Sakura headpiece by Alienbear’s is shown here, which fits the style of the dress wonderfully.

The cut of the gown is flattering and well designed, with lovely tones to the fabric itself.

Here the stunning petal-like bottom of the skirt is seen.  These prims are translucent and move perfectly with your body.  You will look like a modern day Scarlett O’Hara in this lovely gown and jewels.

The full length view shows just how very lovely this gown is; truly a fantastic creation benefiting a wonderful cause.  Please come down for the final weekend and help to make that matching donation a reality.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


*GF* Mermaid Dress “Saki” [JRF Exclusive]*
Alienbear’s Sakura Wishes Necklace JRF 2011*
Alienbear’s Sakura PCF2011 Special BraceletS,Earrings,Hairpiece*
Tukinowaguma Ariana Brown + Rose(White) (modified)
Baiastice Kim eyeshadow-fuchsia
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup 5 RD+hair
poses by agapee


May 28, 2011 / dancerdallagio

Fellini Couture – Bysance

Fellini Couture’s new Bysance is a vision of blues, Spring, and butterflies all tied together with a fantabulous hat with gorgeous hibiscus and frangipani flowers.  I love hats and this one is truly a wonderful addition to the gown.

The butterflies intermingle with the blossoms and fly out from the brim in a delight of gold, blues, greens and pinks.  [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Valentin in Turquoise-Emeraude fits in quite well, as do the Baiastice Reale necklace and earrings.

The bodice of the gown has a hydrangea blossom from which more butterflies emerge, fitting in well with the embroidered pattern of blue and purple blossoms of the gown fabric, along with the gold stems and leaves.  Deep greens compliment the warm hues.

Alienbear’s Sakura bracelet and U&R Dogs Wedding Bouquet nails and ring are added as accessories, as well as a diamond bee ring by Paper Couture.  ((Crystal line)) Nail Reset HUD makes wearing any brand of nails a snap to keep them set no matter the lag or pose.

The gown has a wonderful shape to it, with varied ruffles and bows, lengths and lines.  Sculpts mix well with prims, and it all comes together to make a beautiful look.

This is a bzzzzzzzzzzzzing great gown!  The ponytail peeking out is by Tukinowaguma.

The lovely print of the gown is fully shown here in all its glory.

If you move just right, a bit of leg shows tastefully and playfully.

The prims float effortlessly amongst the sculpts, while the pinks really complement the warm blues marvelously.

The width of the gown is balanced by the large hat; such a great combination.

This side view shows the beautiful texture of the gown.

From any angle this gown is a stunner.  Run don’t walk to Fellini Couture for yours today.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Fellini Couture Bysance
[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Valentin Turquoise-Emeraude
Tukinowaguma Eileen Hairpiece Brown (modified)
Baiastice Reale Set Necklace, Earrings
Alienbear’s Sakura Bracelet
Paper Couture Diamond Bee Ring
U&R Dogs Wedding Bouquet Nails with Ring
((Crystal line)) Nail Reset HUD
Baiastice Marina porcelaine base makeup RD+hair
Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth (Pink Diamante)
poses by agapee


Fellini Couture:
Paper Couture:
U&R Dogs:
((Crystal line)):
Stiletto Moody:

May 17, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Japan Relief Fundraiser – Purple Moon

Purple Moon is another desighner who has created a unique creation for Japan Relief Fundraiser.  The Lady Dragon JRF Exclusive Gown is both unique and versatile, as well as dramatic.  It comes with an optional hood, shown worn here, as well as gloves.  The gold fringed shawl combines black with bright colours in the embroidery, a standard for traditional Japanese garments. Ethnia Bangles in Brown shown are a gift available at JRF from Purple Moon.  Vain Earrings are from Lush Morantique, makeups by Baiastice.

Here the gown is shown with Purple Moon’s One Hair in Ebony and no hood or gloves, for a completely different look.  This is drama ramped up for those bold enough to wear it.  The hair balances out the gown quite well, as shown in lower photographs.

The fringe of the shawl continues on the asymmetrical hem of the gown, for a new and refreshing look to your wardrobe.  The shape and lines are quite flattering to the body, and make a striking statement.

Add the One Hair and you have versatility of wear, as the gown looks so different worn without the head covering.

Here a glimpse of the colourful embroidery of the back of the gown is shown.  The gown suits a variety of movement, making the gown wearable and beautiful.

This is a very modern take on a very traditional look of black and colourful patterns, complete with true gold coloured fringed edges.

Lady Dragon’s full dragon is seen from the back in all its glory.  Purple Moon’s unique blend of icons of Japanese culture makes it a must stop when you go to HELP at Japan Relief Fundraiser.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Purple Moon Lady Dragon JRF Exclusive Gown*
Purple Moon Ethnia Bangles in Brown (available at JRF as a gift)
Purple Moon One Hair in Ebony
Morantique Lush/Vain Earrings
Bax Prestige Boots Black Leather
Baiastice Kriz Eyeshadow- red gold
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup 2 RD+hair
poses by agapee


May 14, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Japan Relief Fundraiser – Morea Style

Morea Style has created a lovely deep carmine red limited release dress, necklace, andc headpiece called Louane, for Japan Relief Fundraiser.  The headpiece consists of flowers and silver chopsticks, and the matching necklace echoes the roses strung on a thin cord.  Earrings here are from ((Crystal line)), new hair by Tukinowaguma, and makeups by Baiastice.

The bodice is pure embroidered lace with a high sweetheart neckline, and is cut deep on the sides to show some sexy skin.  Matching gloves repeat the lace motif on the tops.

Silk and lace swirls start at the hips and continue down the length of the skirt.  Sheer panels end with a solid edging at the hemline.

Stockings are also included with the outfit, as can be seen peeking out here.

The back shows the lace of the back of the bodice as well as the lace top to the skirt in the back.  This is a stunning sexy dress ensemble that will have you looking marvelous whilst you support AmeriCares.

Completing the look are the new Baiastice Maxine Platform shoes, shown here in Python Red.  The details of the zipper are spot on current fashion, as are the strappy straps and platform (you can also get them without a platform), and the HUD is simple to use with tons of options.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Morea Style Exclusive Dress Louane*
((Crystal line)) Alexandra Accessory set Earrings
Tukinowaguma Enid Brown (modified)
Baiastice Guest Lipstick dark wine
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup5 RD+hair
Baiastice Maxine Platform Red Python Shoes
Poses by agapee