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July 13, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Alienbear’s Sapphire Stunner

Alienbear’s Design has recently released the Mimmi Set of jewelry in 3 metals (Platinum, Gold, and Dark) in several colours. Here the Platinum Set in Blue Sapphire is shown. The pieces available include the S1 and S2 Necklaces (short and long, but not short on style). The elaborate pattern is unlike any other design Ali has done before in a necklace and crown, and really stands out in the collection of a designer who is already a stand out amongst jewelers on the grid. The large center sapphire stone is surrounded by filigree metalwork, and several smaller gemstones.  The central floral pattern is repeated in the elaborate two pieced crown, which is also a new design in head jewelry.  This is the penultimate blend of a head and forehead crown.  Floral motifs support the large sapphire stones, as well as provide the base for the dripping smaller stones which descend to the forehead.  A center stone falls between the brows.

Armbands (really more arm cuffs, as they are not entirely circular) are also available for this set, for the left and right, and fit extremely well with no editing, but they are modifiable if the fit is not perfect for your shape.  The floral pattern is repeated in the arm cuffs with more filigree work and deep sapphire stones.

Bracelets (yay!) are another option with this set.  It seems so difficult to find lovely bracelets to wear with fine jewelry, so Ali is accommodating those of us who are always wishing for more.  The bracelets repeat the pattern from the central drop of the crown, as well as the filigree work.

From behind or from the front, this set is a stunner.  Here it is shown with Fellini Couture’s Majestic Gown.

The longer version of the necklace is seen here, as well as the inside of the arm cuff.  A platinum “gilded” lily blossom is the lower drop of this necklace.  Also seen here is one of several sets of earrings (S1) which are available in the Mimmi Collection.

Crown to necklace, earrings to bracelets, and arm cuffs to more…yes, more.  This Collection also includes belly piercings and belts.  You really need to run to Alienbear’s Designs to see all of the lovely pieces and colours of this amazing collection!  You will likely see a redhead shopping there when you go…that’s just me adding more to my jewelry folder…a girl can never have enough jewelry, especially if it’s from the amazing Alienbear!

Model and Photography:  Dancer Dallagio

Alienbear’s Mimmi Necklace (S1 and S2)
Alienbear’s Mimmi bracelets (Blue)
Alienbear’s Mimmi Earrings S1
Aleinbear’s Mimmi Crown Blue
Alienbear’s Mimmi Armband Blue
Gown: Fellini Couture- Majestic Gown
Skin: Baiastice_Pulchra_Porcelaine (unreleased…coming soon)
Hair: Tukinowaguma Princess Ash (tinted, edited) with over 133 tintable colours
Poses: Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot


Alienbear’s Design:  Alienbear’s Designs:
Fellini Couture:
Body Talking:


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