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July 13, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Blue Swirls: Tres Beau & Fellini Couture

Tres Beau’s “Ginger Jar” is a visual delight in contrasts of hues of blues and blacks.  The dress is beautifully made, from the scultped top and skirt, skirt prims, stunning bodice with oriental designs, and optional prim skirt (not shown).  This dress brings to mind all of the rich opulent patterns and hues adopted from the orient by western civilizations, brought beautifully to modern times.

The translation of these patterns to a gown utilizes the finely honed skills of Tres Beau’s Kimmera Madison, in all that she has learned in her many years of designing and creating.  The details are sumptuous and gorgeous and compliment the dress all over, from the bodice to the hem.

Seen from any angle, this dress is a vision in loveliness and a stand out design.  Resize scripts allow you to customize the fit.

Fellini Couture’s new Swirl Hair (shown in Black) seems tailor made for this dress.  The swirls in the hair bring out the swirls in the dress, each standing alone and not overpowering the other.  Joy Fellini is really showing she is truly hitting the mark with her new hairstyles.  Alienbear’s Mimmi Jewelry Collection in Blue  is an easy choice of perfect jewelry to highlight this look, from the Necklace S2 to the S3 Earrings and Bracelets.

Tres Beau’s Kimmera Madison has been in SL designing since 2004, and her designs really show her amazing talent just keeps getting better and better.  I hear she will soon be designing some very special bridesmaid dresses and wedding dress…but you will have to ask her about that ‘engagement’ surprise.  For now, run to Tres Beau for the dress, Fellini Couture for the hair, and Alienbear’s for the jewelry.

Poses by Body Talking are soon to be released as is the skin by Baiastice.

Model and Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio

(as worn on Treet TV Angie Mornington’s Fashion Show 7/12/2010)


Dress: Tres Beau”Ginger Jar”
Hair: Fellini Couture Swirl Hair (Black)
Jewelry: Alienbear’s Mimmi Necklace S2 Blue, Mimmi Earrings S3 Blue, Mimmi Bracelet Blue
Skin: Baiastice_Pulchra-porcelaine-make up4 BK (unreleased)
Poses: Body Talking dancer series (unreleased)


Tres Beau:
Fellini Couture:
Alienbear’s Designs:
Body Talking:


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