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July 13, 2010 / dancerdallagio

B&W (plus pink) MUHI Style: Sculpted Socks

MUHI Sculpted Socks with Flowers

I discovered this small shop a little while ago, and I check back now and then to see what the designer has added to the store.  I was so excited to see these Sculpted Socks on my last visit.  I love jewelry, and these socks are jewels for your legs–how great is that?

MUHI - Sculpted Socks with Flowers - Fuchsia

The socks come with 3 sizes for the sculpts, are mod/resizable, and also come with an Alpha Layer 2.0 Tattoo; the Alpha layer is optional and can be used with the 2.0 viewers for a better or tighter fit.  They even give the leg measurments upon which the sizes are based, which is a great help if you don’t want to bother with resizing the sculpts and would rather just do a quick change on your leg muscles & length.  I had no problem at all sliding right into the preset size and did not have to modify anything, but it’s so nice to know that you have all of these options.

They come in several colours in each style, but I’d advise the All Colours sets.  They really go well with the MUHI – Katie Dress and MUHI – Bristol Dress which I’ve mixed and matched here.  They even go well with my favourite heels, I just tinted the skin the same colour as the socks.  Happy, happy feet!

MUHI - Sculpted Socks with Gems - Pink

These socks are so unique, I wonder why nobody thought of this before.  This designer may have a small shop for now, but certainly does not have any limitation on imagination and skill.  The products are all original, executely masterfully, and create a demand for something you’d not know you could not live without before!  I can’t wait to see what I find next at the MUHI store (they also have a store on xstreet at

Modeled and photographed by Dancer Dallagio


Socks: Muhi – Sculpted Socks with Flowers – Fuchsia
Muhi – Sculpted Socks with Gems – Pink
Dress: Muhi – Bristol Dress, Muhi – Katie Dress – Pearl
Earrings: LaGyo – Jolly Earrings Silver
Necklace: *OC* Egg Chain
Hair: W&Y New 137
Skin: Baiastice_D. Casting-Pale-make up4 RD
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Tsa Tsa (Midnight) (Aubergine)
Pose: Manifeste


Stiletto Moody:


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