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July 13, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Fabulous Fellini

Fellini Couture has a soon-to-be-released dress which I am very honoured to have in my inventory closet, called Hera. The outfit comes complete with earrings and hair piece as shown here. More about this stunning outfit in a moment. Alienbear’s Mayur Necklace is beautifully crafted of tiny prims, so many that it takes two attachment points to wear the full necklace (you can wear just the collar piece if desired). The Mayur Bracelets–seen in the next photo –delicately echo the design in the Necklace, which was inspired from Alexander McQueen. Coordinating earrings and hair clip/head tiara are also available in the Mayur design (not shown). The hair worn is one of my favourites from Tukinowaguma called (White) Yun Ji Ash (tinted and modified), which comes in a pack with two colours, with and without flowers (both hair and flowers are tintable by touch menu to many colours). The Baiastice D. Casting skin shown here really fit in well with my theme of black and white.

Here you can see the gorgeous sculpted top, corset, and skirt to this masterpiece of a dress. Every flower is delicately placed, and the corset is lovingly patterned and fitted. The flowers are stunning lillies which are also seen in the headpiece.

This last photo shows the intricately fabricated black feathers which adorn and become the skirt, which flows down one side of the body. This is truly one of the most remarkable dresses Joy has created, and that is saying a great deal about a designer whose every creation is a work of art. Joy has a passion for art, for life, and for creating beautiful things, and we are so very fortunate to have her designing such amazing wearable art.

I am very joyful indeed today!

Modeled and photographed by Dancer Dallagio

Fellini Couture- Hera outfit
Alienbear’s Mayur Necklace (Black), Mayur Bracelets (Black)
Tukinowaguma (White) Yun Ji Ash (Tinted, modified)
Baiastice_D. Casting-Pale-makeup RD


Fellini Couture:
Alienbear’s Designs:


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