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July 13, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Summer Dreaming

Fellini Couture’s new Dream gown is light a dream come true. The illusion fabric bodice has a stunning star-like pattern, which is seen again in the overskirt, giving you the idea you are waltzing in the heavens. The light and airy white chiffon which form the upper bodice, underskirt, and back make me feel as if I’m an ethereal creature floating across the sky. This is not a dress for weddings just because it’s white–this is a dress for dancing, romancing, and enjoying for many, many occasions (and since it’s June, for brides, too).

Alienbear’s Princess Amaterasu earrings provide just the bit of sparkle with this dress–anything large would take from the dress. These earrings have just the right shape and size, and have a matching necklace (not worn). The new Mimmi Bracelets highllight your wrists to perfection. Add hair from Tukinowaguma (which comes with or without colour changeable flowers), and you are ready for an evening to remember over and over.

Please don’t wake me from this dream…it’s far too delightful.

Model: Dancer Dallagio

Dress: Fellini Coluture – Dream gown
Jewelry: Alienbear Design (Princess Amaterasu Silver Special Set) Earrings
Alienbear’s Mimmi Bracelets white
Hair: Tukinowaguma Yun Ji Ash
Poses: BehaviorBody

Fellini Couture:
Alienbear’s Designs:


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