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July 25, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Blissful Gems: Gowns, Jewelry & Skins + Hair

Great minds think alike, they say.  In the case of Alienbear’s Design, Bliss  Couture, and Baiastice, three fantastically great minds think beautifully alone and amazingly together. The details here are incredible, from the intricately made prims of the jewelry (look at that crown–it takes two attachments to accommodate all of that stunning beauty) to the realistic floral patterns of the prim attachments to the gown, to the perfect makeup.

Alienbear Gupte recently created the Mimmi Jewelry Sets to go with Amutey Decuir’s  Bliss Couture Mimmi Gown.  They both used deep gem tones which complement each other beautifully.  The gowns come in several jewel colours whilst the jewelry sets come in Gold (White or Black), Dark, and Platinum (Red, Teal, Black, Sapphire and more).

Sissy Pessoa has just released her new Baiastice-Pulchra skins, and from amongst a sampling, many are a perfect fit for the other gems shown here today.  The Special make up29 with a red hair base is paired with Baiastice’s other new release, the Moira (down) and Shepa Hair Attachments in red.  The make ups come in 6 tones, from porcelaine to dark, with or without hair bases, and 4 brow colours (blonde, red, brown, and black).  The Hair comes in 20 styles in matching colours to the skin tones, for a perfect match.  Finally, you can get it all in one place!

The deep hues of this Teal Gown combined with the silver lacework provide the perfect palette for this triple threat.

The Mimmi Belly ring in teal is lovingly detailed, from the attachment ring to the chains of the drop.  Bellies have never been so beautifully adorned.

Totally terrific in teal…but that’s not all….

Alienbear’s Design Mimmi  in Gold (White) along with Baiastice’s Pulchra pale make up9 in Blonde with Boop Hair attachment in Blonde (Pale/Porcelaine) shows that all that glitters really is gold.

Bliss Couture’s Miss Bliss Couture Mimmi Gown in Gold is truly golden.

The prims float around you efforlessly, and the bowed bustle in the back is a lovely touch.  The Gown is shown here without the back prim, to show you another option.

Miss Bliss in Maroon, Mimmi Jewelry in Red, Baiastice Pulchra in Porcelaine (make up25 + hair in Red), with Baiastice Lucrezia Hair attachment in Red (porcelaine)–radiance in red.

The Mimmi Belly Chain in Red surrounds your waist regally.

Today I am blissfully shopping at Bliss Couture, Alienbear’s Design and Baiastice–see you there!

Model and Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


*Bliss Couture* Miss Bliss Couture Mimmi Gown (Teal)Alienbear’s Design Platinum Mimmi Necklace S1 (Teal), Platinum Mimmi Earrings S4 (Teal), Platinum Mimmi Crown (Teal), Mimmi Armbands, Mimmi Bracelets & Mimmi Belly ring in teal
Baiastice_Shepa hair attachment-RED (porcelaine) & Moira hair attachment-Red (porc) down do
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up29 RD + hair

*Bliss Couture* Miss Bliss Couture Mimmi Gown (Gold)Alienbear’s Design Gold Mimmi (White): Crown, Armbands, Belly Ring, Bracelets, Earrings S2, Necklace S1
Baiastice=Pulchra-pale-make up9 BL + hair
Baiastice_Boop hair attachment-BLONDE-pale/porc

*Bliss Couture* Miss Bliss Couture Mimmi Gown (Maroon)

Alienbear’s Design Platinum Mimmi (Red): Crown, Bracelets, Armbands, Belly Chain, Earrings S4, Necklace S1
Baiastice_Lucrezia hair attachment-RED (porcelaine)
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up25 RD + hair

Poses: Body Talking by Arisia Ashmoot


Bliss Couture:
Alienbear’s Design:
Body Talking:


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