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July 28, 2010 / dancerdallagio


I’ve heard many times that blondes have more fun, so I have decided to test that theory with Baiastice’s new Pulchra skins.  These come with 30 choices of make up, each includes 4 brow colours, a cleavage underwear layer, and with and without a hair base.  Options galore!  Add to that 6 skin tones, and you have a lot of decisions (Baiastice offers 3 small and one large fatpack at 50% discount if you are like me and can’t decide).

Baiastice has also released 20 new hair attachments matched to the skin tones and brows, so that you can have a perfect match of skin and hair, all from one place; no more mis-matched hair.  The Isis 2 hair attachment in Blonde for pale & porcelaine skins is shown above, as well as some of the many fantastic makeup choices.

(Please click on the small images to see the photos enlarged)

Makeup choices go from bare and soft, to bare and smoky all the way to the fantastic.

Two more makeups with Marie low bun and Magda high bun with swept back bangs hair attachments are shown above; from attention grabbing lips to dramatic eyes, these makeups cover a wide range, as do the hairs.

Classic makeup worn with mostly classic hair: Donatella, Fiona and Whoopi, the latter two with low long pony tails.

It’s fun being blonde, but in my next post, I will be back to my red, and Baiastice is one of a very few skins offering a red hair base, and with matching hair attachments of the exact same shade, it stands alone.

Model and Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Baiastice_Pulchra-fair-make up + hair
Baiastice-Isis 2 hair attachment-BLONDE-pale/porc
Baiastice-Marie hair attachment-BLONDE-pale/porc
Baiastice-Donatella hair attachment-BLONDE-pale/porc
Baiastice-Fiona hair attachment-BLONDE-pale/porc
Baiastice-Whoopi hair attachment-BLONDE-pale/porc
Baiastice-Magda hair attachment-BLONDE-pale/porc

Poses by BehaviorBody




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