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July 29, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Readheads Rock

Don’t rock the boat, unless you are a rocking red.   Baiastice has just released their new Pulchra Skins with hair bases (also packaged without hair) in glorious red.  Combined with the new Hair attachments,  it’s a great day to be in the minority of the population (go Irish).

The above 6 make ups are part of the 30 available (also sold in three small and one large fatpack for 50% discount); the hair base versions are shown along with the Donatella Hair Attachment in Red (porcelaine); each Hair Attachment is matched to one of the 6 skin tones available.

The above make ups are shown with the Boop Hair Attachment in Red (porcelaine).

(Please be sure to click on the photos to see them larger)

Just 3 of the  more heavily made up choices are shown above with the Malvi Hair Attachment (it reminds me of a bow and also has a bit of a ponytail).

A big thank you to Baiastice for remembering the redheads of the virtual world!

Model and Photographer:  Dancer  Dallagio


Baiastice_Kaila dress-azure
Ingenue Bolero jacket
[MANDALA] Takara nails from Takara Bangle/Gold Fur, leather, Nail & ring
[MANDALA] Takara Bangle/Gold Fur, leather, Nail & ring
[MANDALA] HANNYA Necklace/Gold Single
Paper Couture River Stone Earrings
Baiastice_Pulchra-porcelain-make up12 RD + hair
Baiastice-Donatella hair attachment-RED (porcelaine)
Stiletto Moody Bare Mae (Black)
Poses by BehaviorBody
Location: Azure Yachts



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