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August 2, 2010 / dancerdallagio


Mea Culpa has been hitting the grid hard, fast, and fashionably.  Tatanka Kaligawa is the designer of these amazing creations.  Avant-garde meets high couture in these designs, in which the boundaries of the norm have been pushed to where they seemingly cease to exist.  This is edgy fashion at its best.

Tatanka’s vision of Carnivale is a glorious explosion of bright and dark hues of quilled plumage combined with sharp metallic accents of silver and gold.

Mercury Seduction appears to be formed of liquid mercury, which  has flowed temporarily into solid pieces framing the face and upper body, along with a lattice patterned bodice accented with breast pieces of unexpected and vibrant colour. Tukinowaguma’s Helena (C) Gold+Accessories Hair is the perfect accent here.

Petals of seemingly liquid metal combine with long spikes of solid mercury that are signatory of Tatanka’s creations.

Lacey Grace, shown here in Black, showcases the juxtaposition of soft lace with hard metal that is the mark of many of Tatanka’s pieces.   The meek of heart need not apply  here.

Dark and light, soft lace and spiked horns; opposites attract and enhance each other in Lacey Grace.

Sierra Morte again brings in elements of dark and light, soft and hard, with a light lacey bodice surrounded by glittered petals of dark fabric, accented with asymmetrical metallic “fringe” originating from an ebony attachment, repeated in the front of the headpiece.

The bottom skirt is a stunning drape of golden lace, finishing the vision of couture contrast.

Mea Culpa’s Out of the Deep shows that Tatanka doesn’t just stick to dark colours.  This is a mermaid’s dream combination of visions of shell, fans, fins, and sharp coral made into a fantastical design of a dress.

The textures and prims are so sublime with just the right amount of glow added to keep the sunlight flowing into the depths.

White Style Disaster is anything but.  From the jeweled headpiece to the metallic accents on the head, upper arm and waist, from the damask patterned lace to the smooth moire sheer silk, this is fashion gone right.

Metallic ribs next to lace frills, Tatanka makes this styling true haute couture.

Mea Culpa’s Crystal Ice is formed of many long and short spikes of ice crystals formed into wearable fashion that is impossibly possible.  From the center brightness to the outer dark ice, this is Tatanka’s outstanding style taken beyond the ordinary wearable fashion ideas.

Of course, no collection is complete without that important occasion attire, and Mea Culpa does not disappoint with the Magical Wedding dress.  Soft lace merges with hard metal, formed into flowers and spiked leaves, with a delicate lace face veil and adorned hat.

Mea Culpa is ready to dress you for any occasion, if you have the bravura to wear it well.  Demand the best, wearable conceptual art, with large doses of neoism, futurism, and even expressionism.  Experience Mea Culpa.

Photographs and Model:  Dancer Dallagio


Mea Culpa Noite do Brasil
Baiastice_-Pulchra-dark-make up 16 BK + hair
Skin e Liciouz Nails silver
$GaNKeD$ Mistress Belly Jewel
Cachet(VG) – “Gillian” Ring
BICE Ring Donna Flora
(Dahlinks) Broadway Lights Hoop Gem Earrings
|}Jasha{| Egyptian Queen – Bracelet – EmgellishedGold
|}Jasha{| Tahta Bracelet II (Platinum)
Stiletto Moody Pinup (Midnight Patent)

Mea Culpa Mercury Seduction
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up27 RD
*la* manicure brassy
$GaNKeD$ Flutter Bracelet in Pink (modified)
J and W Jewelers kiss of Camelot Bracelet
J and W Jewelers Jessica collection Ruby Earrings (heavily modified)
Tukinowaguma Helena (C) Gold+Accessories Hair
Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth (Gold Diamante)

Mea Culpa Lacey Grace Black
Baiastice-Pulchra-Porcelaine-make up21 RD + hair
The Body Politik Midnight Oil French Manicure
LaGyo Be careful ring silver
Stiletto Moody Glam Bootie (Silver)
+Rozoregalia+*NORNIR* Lip Pierce2 [Type1]Silver
+Rozoregalia+*Pierce4[Type2] Earrings

Mea Culpa Sierra Morte
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up28 RD + hair
[M] Dyslexia Boots
(Dahlinks)Brass & Amber Unisex Bracelet
$GaNKeD$ Broadway Lights Bracelet & earrings

Mea Culpa Out of the Deep
[SW] Gilded Manicure
Donna Flora BICE Ring
Zaara : Raga Oyster ring *paua* (gold)
Stiletto Moody Pinup (Aqua)
$GaNKeD$ Mermaid Bracelets
Baiastice_D.Casting-Pale-make up9 RD
*CentroPallini* Ikai Earrings & Necklace

Mea Culpa White Style Disaster
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up22 RD + hair
Stiletto Moody Bare Ava (Nude)
$GaNKeD$ Shyayn Bracelet & Earrings
J and W Jewelers Neveah Spirit Ring

Mea Culpa Crystal Ice
Baiastice Porcelaine 13
mauve makeup finger nails (custom by me)
Stiletto Moody Bare Robin (kaleidoscope Vixen)
J and W Jewelers Patrizia Collection Bracelet & Earrings
Hibiscus Flossberg Swirly Whirly Cuff

Mea Culpa Magical Wedding
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up22 RD + hair
Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Gold Diamante)
Rose Ring Donna Flora
+RR+*VANITAS* Bracelet
J and W Jewelers Kiss of Camelot periodotsaph Earrings, Bracelet
J and W Jewelers Neveah Spirit Ring

Poses by Body Talking


Mea Culpa:
Stiletto Moody:
Donna Flora:
J and W Jewelers:
Puarangi Designs:
Body Talking:


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