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August 3, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Symphonic Angel

My step-father used to like to eat dessert before the meal, and I will always remember this about him.  I’m doing that today, by showing you the glorious back of the new Angel Dessous Symphony gown in blue.  This bow is so very stunning, and it’s the icing on the cake that is the dress, so I’m showing that part first, because I really like it, and because I can.  Some days are like that.  The bow is carefully done, shows great workmanship, and tops the gown superbly.

The front of this dress is stunning.  The drapes and folds are exquisitely done, as is the outer layer of sheer fabric which accents the main fabric.  The prim flowers on the front of the dress are individually tinted petals with centers of silver, going from the upper bodice down to the hip line of the dress.  The bodice is beautifully done, from the scallop of the upper edge to the pleats of the bottom. Matching gloves are included. Then there is that bow…. This is a dress worthy of the symphony as it is a symphony of textures and beauty itself.

All symphonies have a virtuoso, and this one has jewels by Virtual Impressions, the Sabrina Set in diamonds.  This set melds wonderfully with the dress, as if they were composed together.  Emmie (Jewel) Hair by Tukinowaguma finishes off the look, and it’s time to go out.  Make sure you stop by these shops on your way out, and try having dessert before dinner tonight.  You might just find it’s kinda fun, and it really won’t ruin your dinner.

Photos and Model:  Dancer Dallagio

Angel Dessous Symphony Blue
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up26 RD
Tukinowaguma Emmie(Jewel)Brown
Virtual Impressions Sabrina Jewelry Set in Diamonds
Burroughs / Gianna Bracelet
Poses: **Manifeste**

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