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August 6, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Theme & Variations

Just released is a new series of poses by Body Talking called, Dancer, with variations available.  Whilst the inspiration was classical ballet, the poses are great with full dresses and with big skirts.   Arisia is really doing an amazing job with her poses, and her new shop is quite lovely.  There are poses for any occasion and style of dress.

Be sure to go by and try the poses; these were done wearing pointe shoes, but when wearing regular shoes, the poses have your feet in a great position for wearing system skirts as well as gowns (or tutus).  I’ve used many of these poses for shows and for posing for photos, and they aren’t just for dancing.

Photos by Wicca Merlin, Model: Dancer Dallagio

Tutu by Eshi (retired)
Tiara by Alienbear’s Design
Earrings by Muse
Pointe shoes and tights by Bare Rose
Pulchra-porcelaine Skin by Baiastice
Carla Hair Attachment by Baiastice


Body Talking:
Alienbear’s Design:
Bare Rose:


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