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September 3, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Hair Fair 2010: Tea Lane

The 5th annual Hair Fair runs September 4th to September 19th.  Today I am showing you just one of the many designers that will be found on two double sims.  Get your low-lag gear ready, and join the Hair Fair Demo Group to try on styles before you arrive!

~TL~ Cherries Jubilee is the first of 4 styles that will be shown; all of the styles here today will have 50% of the proceeds donated to Wigs for Kids.  This is a fun style in many colours, with a whimsical cherry stem seen from the back.

(Please click on smaller photos to see them in full large size)

~TL~ Daisy Darling is a sweet hairdo with lots of hair daisy flowers and contrasting hair clips.

~TL~ Wasted Tiers is another great look for when you want something a little different.  The hair is made up into tiers like a cross between one of the leaning towers of Pisa and a tiered wedding cake, complete with bands between the tiers and a “crown” on top.  All of these hairs come in a range of colours from natural to fun.

~TL~ Supesu Hime is another tiered hair, with a thick band between the two main tiers, and smaller bands with a fluffy ponytail at the end.

For more info about the fair and its purpose please visit:

Photographs and Model:  Dancer Dallagio


Tea Lane
~TL~ Cherries Jubilee – darkwarmbrown
~TL~ Daisy Darling – mediumashbrown
~TL~ Supesu Hime – mediumwarmbrown
~TL~ Wasted Tiers – pink
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up6 RD


Tea Lane:


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