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September 8, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Fellini Couture Madame: Ribbons, Bows & Butterflies

Fellini Couture, following up on their release of the Mademoiselle Gown, presents now the Madame.  This gown is so much WOW factor:  rich black ribbon woven throughout the skirt, a large bow at the waist, beautiful black lace, dark pink/red fabric woven in the  skirt of the gown, beautiful butterflies, and a glorious hat.  This is femininity and beauty combined with haute couture from an artist who keeps outdoing herself with every release.  If you have not yet discovered Fellini Couture, Joy Fellini’s labour of love, you must have this dress!

The hat is like icing on a triple dark cake with raspberry filling and covered with sumptuous ganache.   The angle of the two butterflies and pink swirls are balanced perfectly on top of the black and pink/red hat.  This is a hat for hat lovers and those who are undecided about hats; truly sublime.

The intricate black lace bodice and gloves and rich silk fabric seen here bring the colour from the hat down (or from the skirt up, depending on your view), for a look that is completely high styled from tip to toe.  Alienbear’s Designs Mimmi jewelry in Red adds a lovely touch to this gown.

This gown is pure glory from any angle.  This is a gown for lovers, for ladies who lunch, and anyone wishing to show they are flirtatious, fun, and embracing amazing style.

They just don’t get anymore couture than this.  Run don’t walk to Fellini Couture.

Photographer and Model:  Dancer Dallagio


Fellini Couture- Madame Gown
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up10 RD + hair
Alienbear’s Design Mimmi Earrings S2 (Red)
Alienbear’s Design Mimmi Necklace S2 (Red)
+Rozoregalia+ Carpe Diem No.2 [Platinum/BK Diamond] Ring
..: Genesis:.. Classic Cocktail Ring
Poses by Agapee at Gabriel -Gown Poses


Fellini Couture:
Alienbear’s Design:
*agapee* Gabriel:



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  1. wiccamerlin / Sep 8 2010 8:27 pm

    such a lady!!! amazing gown, amazing pics and you ….wonderful as always…great!!!*hugs*

  2. Dita Tran / Sep 8 2010 10:15 pm

    I know you have been a model for a long time. You are known as the unique redhead in a sea of copycat Barbie dolls. For that I give you props. You obviously have style. You have success and respect in the “industry” and have built a name for yourself and that is quite an achievement in a world that is so shallow and, honestly, worth nothing when it comes to what really matters in real life.
    But for heaven’s sake: can you at least get with the times and update your skin to something a little more 2010? Seriously…who wears Baiastice skins? As a fashionista who is supposed to be marketing and selling me products simply by wearing them I honestly can’t take you very seriously when I see you in those hideous dated painted skins. You have so many high quality and updated possibilities available to you which can still offer you uniqueness. Try it. You just might find you no longer look like a 45 year old avie trying to recapture her youth.
    Cause honey, that is exactly how you look now. Dated.

  3. dancerdallagio / Sep 14 2010 10:15 am

    Thank you so much, Wicca *hugs*

    There are many choices and many likes in SL as in RL, and we each are free to make the ones that we do. For skins, there are photorealistic, painted, and blended (part of each). There are copies from renderosity, there are original designs, and everything in between. Luckily, the grid is large enough to handle all wishes. Whilst you will see me post on various skins if you watch my blog posts, I ultimately make my choice of what I like and what I feel is a good fit on me at that time.
    Who wears Baiastice skins? Several “top” models in SL, for whatever that is worth–as you say, “an achievement in a world that is so shallow and, honestly, worth nothing when it comes to what really matters in real life.” I wear Baiastice skins because i honestly like them. If you find them not to your liking, find some that you do. I’m just enjoying my time in SL making my own choices, and not trying to do anything but do a job (the other one) and have some fun (through this blog) & doing some modeling gigs around the grid. I hope you can do the same–finding enjoyment in SL.
    Please feel free to drop by anytime. Opinions are welcome here. They may or may not change anything, but they are most welcome. Politeness scores vastly more points than the opposite, though…just sayin’ is all. Have a super day/night.

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