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September 16, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Mea Culpa: Midnight Butterfly, Return of Isis & Raptor

Mea Culpa has been busy with some new releases, and working on some new projects (more on that later).  One of the new releases is the Midnight Butterfly.  This signature combination of lace and metal does not disappoint fans of the brand, and will delight those new to Mea Culpa.  The corset type bodice has open chain work down the center, and lace atop the bust line, as well as metallic closures on the front.  The sleeves have openwork lace down the centers for a bit of demure mixed in with the decidedly not sedate elements.  The wings are attached to the back to show a butterfly ready to take flight and take on anything in its path.

A close up of the hood shows the cocoon like remnants from which this elegant but edgy creature has emerged.  The earrings are heavily modified Dark Mouse Fae Earrings.

Be careful as you dreamily awaken and undergo metamorphosis upon donning this outfit.  The lull is a dangerous one, fret with many spikes along the way.  Don’t be fooled by the fringed lace that hangs from the sculpted hip attachment.  This is one deadly and sensuous night creature.

From the back, the entire outfit is seen from the hood through the spine, from the wings to the feet.  Which brings me back to the Raptor part.

The Raptor shoes are the perfect accompaniment to the Midnight Butterfly outfit.  The shoes are  2.0 adaptable but it is not required.  The HUD is super easy to use; you can do right or left shoe or both at the same time (so you could mix and match colours).  There are 8 trim colour choices: black, green, purple, gold, lilac, rose, steel blue, and teal.  There is easy size adjustment for larger or smaller to fit your foot, and you can also at any time return to the store settings.   I hear that Mea Culpa is soon expanding their growing shoe line; you might want to check that out if you love shoes as much as I do.

When you go to see the shoes, do be sure to check out the Midnight Butterfly outfit as well.  It’s a little bit demure, a little bit naughty, a little bit dangerous, and a whole lot of style.

For something a little different…have a look at Return  To Isis by Mea Culpa.

The details on Return to Isis are just fantastic.  All of the beauty of ancient Egypt are here, from scarabs to phoenix wings and more.   Colours of royalty are used throughout: rich lapis lazuli, amethyst, and emerald are here along with aquamarine and hammered rich gold.  From the ankh on the forhead to the tongues of the snakes, nothing has been forgotten.  The patterns in the bodice show intricate “metalwork” leading to the more heavily hammered and polished metal of the lower bodice and skirt petals.

From the sharp edged shoulder pieces and upper skirt to the rounded lower bodice, this is rich couture at its hardest and finest.  The gold pants seem to be thin layers of gold applied to the legs.  Even the belly is adorned with a lapis stone.

The outfit includes lapis and gold hair along with the crown of snakes, scarab, phoenix wings, and ankh.  The +plus *Africa Necklace* in bronze and earrings from Paper Couture complete the styling.

The rich gold and lapis hair here is seen from the back, along with the hanging metal pieces from the shoulder plates.

Also included in the outfit (available separately soon when the new shoe line soon to be released by Mea Culpa) are the gold  metallic shoes.  These do require viewer 2.1 (or similar) and have all of the features listed above for the Raptor shoes.

The details on the shoes are exquisite, from the snakes on the sides to the flying scarab on the heels.  The gemstones match those of the outfit, and the laces are thinly spun gold.

Hurry to Mea Culpa and see these gems for yourself.

Model and Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Mea Culpa Midnight Butterfly
Mea Culpa Raptor Shoes
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up30 RD + hair
Dark Mouse Fae Earrings (modified)
Paper Couture Diamond Bee Ring

Mea Culpa Return of Isis
Baiastice-Pulchra-sunkiss-make up14 RD
[} Jasha {] Egyptian Queen – Bracelets (Embellished)
Paper Coutuere Art Deco Earrings
Paper Couture Spring Multi-Stone Ring
+plus *Africa Necklace* Bronze

Poses by Body Talking


Mea Culpa:
Dark Mouse:
Paper Couture:
Body Talking:


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