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September 27, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Joie de Vivre: Fellini Couture- My Autumn

Fellini Couture’s latest gown is a celebration of all that is life.  It features autumn leaves in all shades of turning colours from green to gold, orange to brown, interlaced within and attached to the dress and headpiece.  This is a celebration of the autumnal equinox, harvest festival, and in the old French Republican Calendar, New Year’s Day.


The  headpiece seems to be made of the entwined vines left when deciduous leaves have fallen to the ground, but there is life even here, as represented by the sweet green frog atop the largest leaf.

Dewdrops and frogs and even snails romp playfully amongst the ivy and life that is represented here. This is not a time of loss, but one of gain, and a celebration of love in Zoroastrianism, as well as the first day of Mehr in the Iranian calendar.  It is a time of bountiful harvest and a time of change.

My Autumn shows that all has not yet fallen from the vine; green remains still, even as the days will begin to change.

The blend of colours here is truly masterful.  Sometimes one just needs to look and enjoy.

Wherever you are or how you celebrate life, this gown celebrates nature, seasons, change, colours, and the joie de vivre.
Photographer and Model:  Dancer Dallagio

Fellini Couture- My Autumn gown
Tukinowaguma Nicola Brown (edited)
Dark Mouse Fae Earrings
Cailyn’s Teardrop Necklace (Gold/Baltic Amber)
Dahlinks Amber Tennis Bracelet
Burroughs / Eva #2 Bracelet
Baiastice-Pulchara-porcelaine-make up9 RD + hair
Stiletto Moody Pinup (OrangeStripe Patent Python)
Poses by Body Talking – Patty and Lea


Fellini Couture:
Dark Mouse:
Cailyn’s Jewelry:
Stiletto Moody:
Body Talking:


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