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October 4, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Fellini Elegance

Fellini Couture has a new short gown just released called Elegance.  This is true classic and timeless elegance, and it brought out the Holly Golightly in me.  The silk shantung fabric is joined by lace of the finest quality for the dress, bodice, gloves and hat.  This dress has a beautiful look to it; only good things can happen to you wearing this gown.

The edging and cutout lace is clearly seen here, along with the delicate lace of the gloves.  The fine lace threads of the hat show the quintessential shape which harmonizes perfectly with the gown.   It gives one a feeling of continuity with the past and all things glorious.

Intertwined within the hat are fine sparkles, only visible upon close inspection, which means you will enter the room shining but without any noticeable bling.   Audrey hair by Tukinowaguma.  The lovely Paper Couture Diamond Pearl Menagerie set fits in quite well; you can always tell a lot about a person by the jewelry they wear.  I must say, the mind doesn’t have to reel.

From the back, the gown is equally as stunning, and the shape the artist has crafted is seen.  Joy Fellini makes sure that her creations are wonders no matter the angle.  I mean, a girl just can’t go out without look fabulous in all ways.

I’m just CRAZY about Fellini Couture!

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Fellini Couture- Elegance gown
Paper Couture Diamond Pearl Menagerie Set
Tukinowaguma Audrey Ash (edited, tinted)
Stiletto Moody Bare Marilyn (Black)
Poses by Body Talking GaGaLicious & Grace (both sets brand new releases)
Misquotes from “Breakfast at Tiffanys”


Fellini Couture:
Paper Couture:
Stiletto Moody:
Body Talking:


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