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October 9, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Jewelry Fair 2010: Donna Flora

Jewelry Fair started today, and continues through the 19th of October.  I wish to bring to you some of the treasures from the Fair, as well as some other gems.  Today, I bring you  many of the items from Donna Flora available at the Fair.  I will be showing them in my usual style, only more stark, with no PS, so that you might see them exactly as you will see them when you wear them.  I hope you enjoy this 1st peek into the world of the 2010 Jewelry Fair.

The Donna Flora BELLA set#1 is this lovely blue/gold/black beaded pendant and earrings.  This piece reminds me of native American artwork with the complex bead work.

The BOUQUET set + hud comes with a super simple hud which enables you to resize, and select one of 7 colours for the flowers.  The style is classic and timeless, and the versatility with the colours is fantastic.

Here is the Donna Flora DENISE set in amethyst (it’s also available in quartz, sapphire, and topaz–each sold separately).  This is a really beautiful set on, with the delicate translucent chiffon bow in contrast to the heavily stoned center of the pendant.

The DOLL set, which also includes a ring not shown, is one of several cameo sets that Squinternet Larnia has included in her recent designs.  Whilst cameos are usually seen as relics of the past, this one is updated by the asymmetrical hanging pearls and flowers.

DREAMER is another design which incorporates an updated cameo face with jeweled and chiffon flowers added to the traditional ribbon.  The balance and proportion are spot on.

ILDE, on the left, includes a hud to change the center stone to one of 3 colours.  The LARA is shown on the right, in a beautiful amethyst colour accented with pearls and gold beads.   Please click on the small images to see them full sized, as I did not want to flood the feeds with all of my rather large photos, but I really want you to see how detailed and lovely each of these are.

I had to make the LINDA larger sized, so you would see all of the details, including the faceted stones nearly hidden away amongst the leaves.  This is another remarkable piece of jewelry.

The LUCIA on the left includes rings (not shown), as well as large central white stones which  make the set very dramatic.  The MOIRA on the right  is yet another highly detailed set with a central pendant, worthy of clicking on the photos for a closer look.

SUNRISE, on the left, is a cascading style necklace whilst ROSALINDA + hud comes with 12 colours to change the stones with.  Once again, the details are exquisite and really have to be seen in large size to truly be appreciated.

Shown here are Donna Flora VERA black set#1 and gold set#1, each of which comes with a separate set which includes a matching bracelet and rings.  The VERA black set comes with a hud with 5 colours for changing each of the 3 gemstones in the arrangement separately.  Not only are these sets detailed and gorgeous, they are extremely multifaceted due to the options available.

The XENIA set has two asymmetrical earrings (one traditional which attaches to the ear lobe and one which curves up with the ear) along with a silk chiffon set choker with silvered leaves and a large central white flower with opal center.

All of these pieces are available at the Donna Flora booth at Jewelry Fair 2010.  I think you will definitely find a few things here that catch your fancy.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio

Credits other than above:

Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up24 RD + hair

Tukinowaguma Nicola Brown (heavily modified & tinted)


Donna Flora at Jewelry Fair:

  • Forest North:

  • Forest South:


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