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November 8, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Azul Nerola: Icy Strong

Azul’s newest creation if the Nerola dress, shown here in Jade.  The dress comes in several shades, all of which are a lovely icy burst of colour.  Nerola is an Italian city, and also comes from the Sabine word for strong and brave.  You will feel this and more in this glorious design of lace, silk, and flowers (the floral ornaments are optional, but definitely have to be shown here).

Donna Flora’s LUCILLA set of earrings, necklace, and ring come with a very simple to use HUD  (click on the photo) to change the colour of the jewelry. Here it is shown along with the new LoQ Hairs Con Panna in Auburn, and Baiastice’s Pulchra skin in porcelaine (make up18 RD).

Legend has it that the princess of Nerola scented her clothing with orange tree blossom oil, and that this aroma was so intoxicating that everyone in the village began to follow this fashion, and the Nerola blossom was named in her honour.  You will certainly find people following you in this gown as well, desiring you and the dress.  Is it the blossoms which adorn the design, or the wearer?  I think it will be some of both.

As always, Mami Jewell makes prims that float effortlessly and elegantly as you move.  The lace is alluring, detailed, and intricately aligned with the silk bodice and skirt.

These prims never reveal too little or too much, but show you off to your best advantage.  There really is no way to move in this dress that will no have all eyes on you, so enjoy dancing, spinning, or just taking a stroll knowing that Azul has your back, front and side.

Short gloves are included, which complete the look along with Stiletto Moody Pinup shoes in Blush Patent.  From icy hot to icy cool, this is the perfect dress for winter and beyond.  Orange blossoms not included.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer  Dallagio


Azul- Nerola/Jade
Donna Flora LUCILLA set earrings, necklace ring with hud
LoQ Hairs Con Panna – Auburn
Stiletto Moody Pinup (Blush Patent)
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up18 RD + hair
Poses: Body Talking – Lea


Donna Flora:
Stiletto Moody:
Body Talking:


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