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November 9, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Origami Couture

Fellini Couture’s latest design, the Origami Gown, seems to fit perfectly at home with the architecture and hues of the Tempura sim. Encorporating themes from both Japanese paper folding and iconic French landmarks, along with golden and white flowers from the headpiece down the front of the gown, to the hem, this gown is a visual delight.

LoQ Hairs Caffe Latte in Auburn fits in well with the fall colours, whilst the PIRMALOT ‘Nuclear Motion’ necklace in PinkFire with the gold chain (menu controlled for change of texture and metal, size and glow) echoes the gold from the gown and the reds from the hair.  The Purple Moon Gold Metallic Nails finish the accessories.  White~Widow’s Face Tattoo Wheat in Gold fits the mood of the gown and the surroundings.

The details of the finely trailing white and golden flowers and butterflies (a Fellini trademark), vines and leaves softly cascading down the gown are contrasted with the sharp folded edges all over the gown.  The juxtaposition of soft and sharp blend perfectly.

Here the flowers at the waistline are visible, providing more visual interest at the waistline of the gown.

The blend of two cultures flows easily as does the gown.  Joy Fellini manages to bring together these elements seemingly effortlessly.

Folded paper cranes seem to emanate from the shoulders whilst the gown contains many elements of origami throughout the design.

Blending together Japan and France into one design shows once more the breadth of Joy Fellini’s ideas and talents.  C’est magnifique!

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Fellini Couture- Origami gown
[White~Widow- Face Tattoo] Wheat Gold
Loq Hairs Caffe Latte – Auburn
PRIMALOT ‘Nuclear Motion’ Necklace
::PM::Metallic Gold Nails
Poses Body Talking – Candy Set
Location: Tempura


Fellini Couture:
Purple Moon:
Body Talking:


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  1. Giela / Nov 23 2010 5:13 pm

    My favourite LoQ hair, one of my favourite sims and such and amazing gown … sweetie I just had to like it !!! You look amazing as always dancer xoxoxox

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