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December 24, 2010 / dancerdallagio

Scorpions & Pompadours

Eshi Otawara is certainly not known for being tame in her designs, and this one fulfills that reputation, although it could be a “little black dress” if you wished it.  It has all the fluffs of the season, with lace and floral motifs from the bodice to the skirt.  This is also an outfit of many possibilities; the one shown is just one of many, short and long, which are available with the set (even pants).  The gloves are demure, as are the floral rings that come with the outfit.  But pompadour becomes deadly with the addition of the Scorpion Girl Hair.  I just love juxtaposition.

The Silver Circle Necklace and Earrings by ((Crystal line)) help to add an edge whilst still echoing the circle pattern of the flowers of the outfit.  The heavy texturing of the bodice can be seen, which contrasts to the lightness of the lace which is attached to the skirt via spines.

The Scorpion Girl Hair (here modified from brick to a more robust auburn ginger tone) is simply fantastic.  The silver twisted spikes are threatening and the point of the head rears like predatory arachnids, and shows why they have been around for 400 some odd million years.  Swift and strong, with a reputation for being fearsome and deadly, this is one hairdo that shows you are strong and aren’t afraid to show it (and most scorpions aren’t really deadly to humans–only 25 or so are–but do you know which ones?).

See, all that’s seemingly harmful isn’t really all that bad.  You can skip, waltz, sneak right on your way, knowing you look killer amazing.  Don’t mind the red of the shoes…it’s not like they are black widows or anything.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Aria Pompadour (BLACK ARIA Set) by Eshi Otawara
Scorpion Girl Hair (brick) by Eshi Otawara (edited)
Black Holly Ring by Eshi Otawara
((Crystal line)) Silver Circle Necklace & Earrings
Baiastice-Pulchra-porcelaine-make up11 RD + hair
Stiletto Moody Bare Anita (Black)

Poses by Morgane’s Runway – Princess Poses


Eshi Otawara:
((Crystal line))
Stiletto Moody: Stiletto Moody:
Morgane Batista Poses Shop:


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