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January 8, 2011 / dancerdallagio

MVW: Taiwan – National

Bare Rose’s Xanadu was the outfit created for Miss Taiwan for the Miss Virtual World 2011 Pageant by June Dion and worn by Cieleste Magic.  It was fashioned after traditional Taiwanese opera costumes utilizing the stunning colours of that country’s flag of cobalt blue, white, and rich crimson.  The costume has stunning prims that move slowly and elegantly, falling softly to continue the story of movement after it has stopped.  June added soft sky blues, gold and pinks which are striking against the pallet of the primary colours.

This rich tapestry of a gown tells the story of Taiwan through it’s fabric and design, integrating the many varied symbols the country is famous for.  The large wings and full skirt are quite traditional, and helped to tell the stories of the early operas, which were largely told without the participants talking.

No detail has been left out of this rich decorative design, from the bejeweled headpiece with it’s tricoloured flames, to the rich gold of the bodice embroidery work.   Water figures dominantly here, as it does in Taiwan, with rich pools and figurative waves.  Flowers are also showcased in the costume, from the plum blossom–the national flower of Taiwan–to magnolias and other flowers of the counties.  

The back of the costume is nearly as opulent as the front, with more swirling prims and a phantasmal glory of coloured fabrics.  June Dion is a master designer, and this costume truly shows why she has been one of the top designers in Second Life for so very long.  This gown is traditional, beautiful, and a delight to wear and see.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


::: B@R ::: Xanadu
Carilynn Tukinowaguma Hair
Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Red Diamante)
Poses by agapee


Bare Rose:
Stiletto Moody:


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