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February 12, 2011 / dancerdallagio

Fellini Couture: Wild Thing

Fellini Couture’s Wild Gown is definitely wild.  Tigers and Giraffes and Elephants, ohmy!  Add in a plethora of colourful birds and butterflies, wild grasses and plants plus a snake, and you have dangerous couture at its finest and most fun.  Fashion is never boring when Joy’s mind is at work.

Plume’s Valentine Hair, shown here in Brick (with the hearts on alpha), is the perfect accompaniment for this gown, as is White~Widow’s Face Tattoo Hearts in Gold.  Both of these are available in the Valentine’s mini hunt held at Fellini Couture’s main store (see SLURL for direct taxi).  The hair comes with all 15 colours and the tattoos are also available in five colours and options (one side only or both). Ethnic Minimal Earrings in Beige by +plus complete the outfit.

(Please click all photos to see the enlarged versions for details)

This is one time that a slithering snake slinking up your body feels just right.  How deadly could it be with a sweet large butterfly flitting about?

There are two more butterflies atop the headpiece that comes with the gown, sitting alight on a braid of twigs and net.

Palm fronds extend from the base of the gown’s skirt and in the back, setting the scene for what is to come.  This gown is truly a vision of all that is wild and wonderful.

From the side, you begin to see just how far Joy’s imagination really goes.  Out peeks a giraffe and a stately tiger, coming out of the pristine sand, along with shorter palms.  It is pure genius how they are perfectly balanced by the rest of the gown, and seem quite at home there.

From the full back view, the ivory-tusked elephant makes an appearance, and the scene is complete. The symmetry and shadows are wonderfully balanced, even using a non-shadowed viewer.

Put your wild on with Fellini Couture’s Wild Gown.  You will be very glad you did, and have more fun than you’ve had in ages wearing a dress.  Be sure to walk where the wild things are.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio

Be sure to go to Fellini Couture for the Valentine’s Hunt, which ends February 15th, for the above pictured Fellini Valentine gown, Plume Valentine hair, White~Widow 3 tattoos, and Gems & Kisses necklace.


Fellini Couture Wild Gown
*Plume* Valentine Hair Brick
[White~Widow Face Tattoo] Hearts Gold
+plus *Ethnic Minimal Earrings* Beige

Poses by agapee
On location at Fellini Couture & Plume


Fellini Couture:


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