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March 16, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP now!

I  have not blogged in a few weeks, due to personal injury and subsequent loss of a very dear friend to cancer.  With what has happened in the past week, I feel that I need to bring to everyone’s attention the need to help.  Help with the FFL, American Cancer Society, and help with Pacific Coast Fundraiser, for all of those who need so much in Japan.

Baiastice has released their new skin line, Marina, with tons of makeup layers to wear on tattoo layers. Here is shown the Osaka makeup in yellow/orange, on top of the porcelaine base with red hairbase. Amacci has released new hairs, including the Coralee shown here in Deep Copper.  Both Baiastice and Amacci have special releases at FFL, Fashion For Life, the fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Having just lost someone, it was hard to go, but even still, donations are needed, so I went anyway. Please hurry to go before it closes. Each vendor at the fair has 4 items for which 100% is donated to the RFL kickoff event (Relay for Life is the SL and RL fundraising event for the ACA).

PRIMALOT has just released a set of Hope for Luck jewelry, free with their hunt, and they seemed to fit well with the theme of my post. Hope indeed is what we can provide to so many.

This is the Baiastice female Riyau dress offered in Black and White for the fundraiser, which has a theme of black and white.  All of the 9 sims of FFL are arranged with varying tonal hues of black and white, and are made for very low lag and fast rezzing.  The Baiastice Riyau dress also comes in colours, of which Copper is one, but only the black and white are 100% fundraiser items.  Please be sure to purchase the ones for RFL (I got them all).  This is a really fun two piece sculpted dress with contrast lace trim at the neckline and a fun tie at the side of the hip. The puffed sleeves balance out well the fullness of the skirt.  Add a bracelet from [MANDALA] for just the right amount of casualness.

The dress is shown here with the Baiastice Lotus Pumps with Dots in Green/Grey.  Even when struggling to cope, one needs to have a bit of fun, and polka spots really help.  These are found in the main store at Baiastice.

Please please find it in your heart to help others to find hope.  We all need it.

Model & Photographer: Dancer Dallagio

Running March 12-22 across 9 sims, this year’s theme will be “Beyond Black and White,” embodying the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer. Spread over the sims will be over 180 stores with a hunt and gatcha areas, all with the goal of raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Fashion for Life will feature the best designers from around the globe.
More info:


Baiastice Riyau Dress in Copper (FFL in White, Black)
Baiastice Lotus Pumps Dots in Green/Grey
Baiastice Marina-porcelaine-base – RD+hair
Baiastice Full Face Osaka make up- yellow/orange
Amacci Coralee Hair in Deep Copper (modified)
PRIMALOT “Hope for Luck” Earrings & Necklace

Traditional Sofa in green by KOPI furniture
Poses by exposeur


Baiastice at FFL:
Amacci at FFL:


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