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March 16, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Pacific Coast Fundraiser

Help is needed by those in Japan, and after donating in RL, please visit the fundraisers in SL to support our Japanese community who provide wonderful content, as well as designers from all over the world whom have come together to lend support, benefiting AmeriCares (  Every designer at PCF has at least one 100% donation item, and many have 50% donation items as well.  All items in this posting with an * are 100% donation items.

Aoharu’s Offshoulder Gauze Tunic in Red* is a lovely dress with lace trim and sculpted top.  The sleeves are reminiscent of tutu arm puffs, thus dear to my heart, and the dress is so very cheery in red. The hair is by *Plume* and is the Sakura Hair* offered in a fatpack of 4 colours.  The accent flowers are colour change by menu, so you can customize the hair to match any outfit.

Rozoregalia, a Japanese designer, has created the MIZUHO Bracelet* for this event.  It’s the perfect touch of accessories for this outfit.

The quality and attention to detail is so very representative of Rozoregalia pieces.  The bracelet is re-sizable, but fit me perfectly without a touch.

Donna Flora has created the VIVIAN Pearl Set of Earrings and Necklace*.  Pearls are long associated with Japan, with Mikimoto being the most known name for quality pearls in the world.  This is a stunning set, with many inlaid white and black pearls set in gold, the necklace hung from a beautiful ivory-white ribbon.

Squinternet Larnia has also created the VIVIAN in Onix* for the Pacific Coast Fundraiser; she is donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of both sets to AmeriCares for aide in Japan.  Beautiful in black, this necklace hangs from a jet black ribbon, with stones of Onyx interspersed with black pearls and set in platinum.  These two jewelry sets are both so lovely, and will go with anything, so please donate by purchasing both.

Fellini Couture has several 100% donation items; this one is the Fellini Couture Red Passion Gown*.  Passion is what designers and organizers have for those in need, so this is a very appropriate choice.  The gown comes with gloves and hat inclusive.  The plumes of the hat and feathers of the gown are reminders of the cranes, the symbol of Japan which many associate with hope.

The BerryBerry earrings and bracelet here are by Japanese designer, RENA Vita, creator for ((Crystal line)).  The makeup is Baiastice’s Osaka full face makeup in cerise/red, worn over the Marina porcelaine base.

Hope springs eternal, rising up from beneath any obstacle, just as the glowing red emerges from within the Red Passion gown.  Like the phoenix, Japan will arise anew, but needs so very much help from us all.

Please don’t turn your lovely back on those in need.  Come support a worthwhile cause and stand with and behind our Japanese designers and their fellow creators from around the world lending their support to those in need in Japan, via AmeriCares.

Help to make the patches of hopeful light become brighter and larger for those in need of help.

Please Help, and visit the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser, opening today.  You really will be glad you did, and every single purchase will help those in need.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio

All poses by Japanese pose shop, agapee.


AOHARU Offshoulder Gauze Tunic in Red*
*Plume* Sakura Hair in Soil*
Rozoregalia MIZUHO Bracelet*

Baiastice Marina-porcelaine-base – BK+hair
Baiastice Full Face Osaka make up- grey/fire red

Donna Flora VIVIAN Pearl Set of Earrings & Necklace*
Donna Flora VIVIAN Onix Set of Earrings & Necklace*

Baiastice Marina-porcelaine-makeup 1 RD+hair
Baiastice Eco eyeliner-mod 7
Baiastice Marina-porcelaine-makeup 3 RD+hair
Baiastice Kim eyeshadow- grey
Amacci Fayne Hair in Henna (modified)

Fellini Couture Red Passion Gown*

Amacci Fayne Hair in Henna (modified)
((Crystal line)) Berryberry Jewelry Bracelet, Earrings
Baiastice Marina-porcelaine-base – RD+hair
Baiastice Full Face Osaka make up- cerise/red

Pacific Care Fundraiser:


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