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March 27, 2011 / dancerdallagio

[pick up the] pieces (and go on)

Japan’s citizens are still working on picking up the pieces to go on with their lives, and we still  need to help.  There are so many ways, from the Japanese Red Cross (, the itunes fundraiser (, the International Red Cross (, and many, many more.  There are so many pieces, and so many in need.  Please continue to give and help.

Mami Jewell of Azul has created the Esperance Gown (Help Japan Item).  All proceeds benefit the people of Japan.  Mami joins a growing number of designers who are looking beyond themselves and reaching out to help.

The gown is worn here with the Rozoregalia Japan Crisis Fundraiser bracelet MIZUHO and the Donna Flora VIVIAN in Onix.  Both have been blogged here previously.  Red is the colour of the heart, and a vivid beautiful red is the colour of this gown.  The top is a lovely shade of grey, with a bowed collar and full sleeves, which finish off the dress wonderfully. The dress is shown here with hair by Tukinowaguma and new nails with a reset HUD from ((Crystal line)), which will work with any prim nails, and stop the hands-that-splay-out-and-the-nails-look-awful syndrome.  Both Tukinowaguma and ((Crystal line)) are shops owned by Japanese designers.  Baiastice Marina makeup completes the look.

The prims are stunning as always in an Azul dress, and the inner glow reminds us of the inner needs for love and caring, peace and joy, help and giving.

Don’t even stop to think for an instant before running to purchase this gown.  You will have a lasting memory and make a glorious entrance to any event.

From any angle, this dress is stunning and a must have for your wardrobe.

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice has made the Lotus Bow Pumps in Red as a contribution to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. They can be found in her shoe store at her main Baiastice sim.  They are beautifully red, with a glorious bow on the back.  They come with and without an ankle strap (here shown without), and both V2 and V1 are included. They compliment this gown perfectly, and go with black, white, and so many colours.  Run to Baiastice to get these pumps; they will make your feet happy and help many lives.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Azul- Esperance (Help Japan Item)
Baiastice-Lotus Bow Pumps (Japan Crisis Fundraiser)
Rozoregalia MIZUHO Bracelet (Japan Crisis Fundraiser)
Donna Flora VIVIAN Onix Earrings (Japan Crisis Fundraiser)
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup 3 RD+hair
Baiastice Milly lipstick dark red tattoo
Tukinowaguma Roine Hair Brown (modified)
((Crystal line)) Prim Nail “Crystal” with Nail Reset HUD

Poses by Morgane’s Runway – Princess Set


Pacific Crisis Fundraiser:

((Crystal line))
Morgane Batista Poses Shop:


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