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April 2, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Project FUR Japan

People are not the only ones suffering in Japan right now; pets are cold, stressed, and so many are homeless.  Pets are an integral part of many households in Japan, and to those who have lost nearly everything, having their pet cared for means so very much. Luckily, there is a group called JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, a coalition of 3 no-kill shelter groups in Japan plus you can see the facebook page for JEARS here: have come together to aide in this cause.  Blazin Aubret decided to support these groups in SL and has received overwhelming support from so many in the community.  Even before the doors open on 2 April 2011 @ 9am SLT, $1486.76 USD has been raised and donated to JEARS by Project FUR Japan.  Please HELP to make sure that the final amount is so much higher, as the need is so great.  Thank you all in advance for caring and giving.

Many designers have come forth to donate money, talent, and time in creating special items for this event.  Shown here is a jewelry set by Donna Flora, the ALESSANDRA in black.  It comes with necklace, earrings, and a ring and is also available in pink and white.  Both sets are 100% donation items as are all of the items here at the Project FUR Japan fundraiser.  The eyes and nose are jeweled and the bows are a tender touch around the necks of the kitties.  Pink and kitties; what can be more special? More about that sweet kitty looking over my shouder in a bit.

Hazard Kitty’s Shiba Inu (PFJ) is a sweet dog, with movable ears and head, complete with its own sign telling you the food preference.  This is not a pet which requires feeding, but you can always give your dog lots of love and I’m sure it will be appreciated. The beautiful red bow around the neck lets you know that this is one special pup, just waiting for your love.  Those eyes are full of pure love.

Whilst perusing the items at the fundraiser, I ran into Callie Cline, designer diva of SL, who has created these very special KittyCatS.  According to Callie, they have wanted to do something special for Japan, and as she has wanted to do a collection of Lucky Cats for some time, this was the “purrfect” opportunity to not only do something quite special for Japan but also to begin what she hopes will be a large collection of “Lucky Cat” KittyCatS.  This cat, made especially for Project FUR Japan, is called Kibo Neko, which means “hope” and they will also sell the Yuki Neko “courage” companion cat in their stores, all of the proceeds which will also go to Japan.

If you have been on an alternative SL planet, and haven’t heard of the KittyCatS, they are sweet little kitties which you can feed, cuddle, as well as pair up and have little kitten bundles, many of which are quite collectible.  My dear friend Giela has been teaching me a bit about them, and yes, I’ve been bit by the kitty bug.  These special Neko kitties come with many unique features, such as the gold toenails and toes, along with the red heart on the paw pads.  Usual KittyCatS have one solid colour for the toes and paw pad.  These also come with one week’s supply of food.  According to Callie, if you want just a pet, the food will cost you about 75$L a month, which is only about 17$L a week.  That’s a pretty great price for companionship and love. These little kitties come with special red and yellow butterflies they play with, and they bathe themselves and look totally adorable.  You can set the range and their home spot, so that you can always find them.  The scripts are very low lag, too.

The KittyCatS come in a special gold bag, and when you unpack them, they are inside a box with the wording all in Japanese as well as English.  They have new “Porcelain” fur shade, Precious Gold eyes, and a plush tail.  They also come with the Special Red Collar.  On their chest it says “hope” in Japanese; on the other ones it says “courage.”  Drawing inspiration both from the Lucky Cats and from the Japanese spirit and need for hope and courage, I’d say Callie really got this one totally right.  Yes, Giela, I came home with two, and it’s all your fault, but they are for such a good cause and are totally adorable.  Now I just need those two courage ones….

Another very special pet available at Project FUR Japan is this cuddly Polar Bear you can hug (actually, the bear hugs you as much as you hug the bear).  Who doesn’t need hugs these days?  This is a very special Limited Edition VKC Polar Bear, which was brought back just for this event from a Christmas release two years ago by the VKC (Virtual Kennel Club).  This is a very sought after and valued virtual pet to own, and the hugs are just priceless.  You can also get the VKC Penguin as well; both are copy/no trans.

Project FUR Japan has so many types of items available, from pets to jewelry, clothing to landscaping and so much more.  Please come by and purchase and/or donate to the collection boxes for this really great cause.  You will feel very warm and fuzzy inside when you do.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Donna Flora ALESSANDRA black set necklace, earrings, ring* Project FUR Japan Fundraiser
KittyCatS – Kibo Neko – Hope Kitty* Project Fur Fundraiser
Hazard Kitty Shiba Inu (PFJ)* Project Fur Fundraiser
Baiastice Adima midnight TDR
Baiastice Lotus bow Pumps* fundraiser for Japan
Baiastice Rosario hair attachment-RED (porcelaine)
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup 1 -RD+hair
Baiastice Leaf eyeshadow-cian

poses by agapee

photo taken at Project FUR Japan


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