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September 18, 2011 / dancerdallagio

MFW: Baiastice 1

MFW has just ended, and the new Fall Collections of many designers have hit the grid.  Getting into the wonderful crisp fall days coming ahead was easy with Baiastice’s new Lomoli outfit.  This is one of those instant have-to-have outfits that I really wish I had in that other life I have.  This outfit is totally wearable and right on key in the tune of fashion; it’s just so of the moment yet completely a look you can wear right off the runway.  I adore hats and this one is a great new take with the fab tall shape and the brim set just above the eyes.  The flower seen on the top is echoed on the back of the hat; Baiastice is really known for quality attention to details like that.  The top is so sumptuous and yummy, showing comfort and fashion combined at its finest.

Pair the outfit with Baiastice’s new Lucilla earrings in silver and Armour Spike Rings for that extra bit of glam.  Hair is Baiastice Agnes, which is matched to the skin tone; here I’m wearing  Baiastice Nina Porcelaine make up 3 RD+hair.  Baiastice Milly Lipstick dark red finishes the face for that fresh but fabulous look.

The skirt is fit and flared with great pleating which is topped off with a wide silver buckled belt.  Lagerfeld must surely be eating his heart out seeing this outfit.  I was feeling extra cold so I wore both the tights and socks that come with the outfit, even though you can wear just one if you like.  I’m really hoping for a chilly winter soon!

This is not an outfit that keeps you from moving.  The sculpts are extremely well done and made with more than posing in mind.  The Armour Spike Rings are hard to see here but they are just great; I’ve not seen anything like them before and they really rock this outfit to add just a bit more edginess.  Finishing off are the new Baiastice Nicki Ankle Boots in black.  I just love love love these shoes!  They are not only highly in vogue but the attention to detail again comes into play when you look at them closely.

I just love the zippers down the back.  Zippers and hardware are still capturing attention on runways this season and Sissy Pessoa makes her own interpretation of the look sublimely.  These are resizable and come with alphas and invisiprims so you can wear them either way.  Run down to Modavia to get these great items; they will be available at the main store of Baiastice in a couple of days.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Baiastice Lomoli darkest
Baiastice Nicki Ankle Boots black
Baiastice Armour Spike Rings
Baiastice Lucilla Silver Earrings
Baiastice Agnes hair attachment Red (porcelaine)
Baiastice Milly Lipstick dark red tattoo
Baiastice Nina Porcelaine make up 3 RD+hair
Poses by agapee


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