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May 14, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Japan Relief Fundraiser – Anthropologia & ByKay

Amongst many jewelry designers at Japan Relief Funraiser is ByKay who presents the Sakura Set and individual pieces.  The set includes the Sakura blossom earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, and nails with rings.  You can also purchase the 1 or 3 blossom hairpiece.  All of the pieces are donation items for AmeriCares, and all are lovely painstaking recreations of the beautiful Sakura flowers.  Hair is by Tukinowaguma, makeups and Chantal dress by Baiastice.

The Sakura necklace is a drop tiered piece, with pearls interspersed with flower blossoms, hanging to mid torso.  Delicate pinks and purples accent the cream pearls to create a lovely collection.

Anthropologia has a Limited Edition Tears for Japan JRF gown in silver and white, which continues the floral theme of many of the designs.  It is shown here with ((Crystal line)) Karina Head accessory and Earrings, Tukinowaguma Esther Hair and Baiastice makeups.  ((Crystal line)) is one of the designers at Japan Relief Fundraiser with another item as their donation item.

The Tears for Japan dress has a lovely neck and waist attachment of white and silver flowers atop a silver v-neck bodice.  Florals are an important theme in Japanese culture, and are done quite lovely here.

The dress has a lowered waistline, from which a full silver skirt flares out.  It’s a great gown for so many occasions, and can be matched easily with various accessories.

The dress moves very well, and tbe colours are flattering for many skin and hair colours.  Please come HELP Japan by visiting the Fundraiser, which opens today.

Baiastice’s new Maxine Sandal in Black/White goes quite well with the dress, providing just the right amount of spring and summer openness and great style.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


*ByKay* ~ Sakura Earrings, Necklace, Ring, Bracelet, Nails, Hairpiece ~ 3 Blossoms*
Tukinowaguma Cruzita Brown (modified)
Baiastice Chantal Dress Cian
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup5 RD+hair, Sunset Eyeshadow- purple

Anthropologia – Tears for Japan Limited Edition JRF*
((Crystal line)) Karina Head accessory, Earrings
Tukinowaguma Esther Brown+Rose (White) (modified)
Baiastice Mag Lipstick Peach
Baiastice Marina porcelaine Base RD+hair
Baiastice Maxine Sandal Black/White Shoes
Poses by agapee


May 14, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Japan Relief Fundraiser – Azul

Japan Relief Fundraiser opens tomorrow, and here is another look at a participating designer.  Azul has created the lovely floral AZUL Esperance/Egretta(Red)/Japan Relief Fundraiser gown, and it’s stunningly beautiful.  Many designers seem to be keeping with the theme of red representing the Japanese flag, and this is no exception to that.  It is shown here with floral and pearl jewelry by Donna Flora, who is a participating designer, but this is not the set that is her fundraiser; look for another post for that one!  Hair is new by Tukinowaguma and makeups by Baiastice.

The bodice of the dress is a lovely sweetheart style with princess seams, which finishes low on the hips.  The fabric is crimped at mid breast for a flattering line.  Red is the colour of love and hope, and that is what these designers are participating in this event to provide: hope and love for Japan and its people.

Around the hips is a band of multi-coloured roses in hues of pinks (yay pink!) which encircle the dress.  The skirt falls from these flowers, in light, airy translucent petals of silk chiffon.  The effect is so very beautiful.

Petals surround you and fall about you, just as if Sakura blossoms were covering you.  Shoes are new by Baiastice and fabulous.

As with all of Mami Jewell’s designs, this one flows wonderfully. Twirl to your heart’s content knowing you look amazing.

Coming or going, you will be the belle of any event whilst you are helping countless others.  Please HELP Japan.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


AZUL Esperance/Egretta(Red)/Japan Relief Fundraiser*
Donna Flora AGNES platinum set (earrings, necklace)
Donna Flora PRINCESS white set bracelet, ring
Tukinowaguma Jenna Brown (modified)
Baiastice Guest Lipstick Pink
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup10 RD+hair
Baiastice Maxine over-height Silver shoes


May 13, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Japan Relief Fundraiser

Japan Relief Fundraiser opens on 14 May and runs through 29 May, with proceeds benefiting AmeriCares, a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring health and saving lives by delivering donated medicines, medical supplies and humanitarian aid to people in need around the world.  Over 60 vendors are participating, including Angel Dessous.  Nando Korobase has created Meli Fire for JRF especially for this event.  This is a stunning red and black gown accented with black feathered shoulder piece and a long red bow in the front.  It is shown here with Tukinowaguma’s Ulrika Brown hair and ((Crystal line)) *Jewell* and Camelia accessories.

The dress has a jeweled sweetheart bodice and a feathered waist, with a tiny bow in the back and a much larger bow which runs the full length of the gown.  A dotted veil also covers the skirt of the gown, and matching gloves with prim cuffs finish the look.

The look is very refined elegance in glorious tones of red and black, suitable for any occasion where you wish to stand out in style.

Please do your part to HELP and visit the Japan Relief Fundraiser when it opens to the public on Saturday, with a pre-opening party at 11:30am SLT.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Angel Dessous Meli Fire for JRF*
((Crystal line)) Camelia Bracelet
((Crystal line)) *Jewell* Necklace, Earrings, Ring
Tukinowaguma Ulrika Brown + Red Flower (modified)
Baiastice Full Face Osaka makeup- grey/fire red
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup1 RD+hair
Poses by Agapee


April 12, 2011 / dancerdallagio


Fellini Couture has just released her newest creation, Kamasutra.  The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Hindu text widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature written by Vātsyāyana. A portion of the work consists of practical advice on sexual intercourse. It is largely in prose, with many inserted anustubh poetry verses. “Kāma” which is one of the three goals of Hindu life, means sensual or sexual pleasure, and “sūtra” literally means a thread or line that holds things together, and more metaphorically refers to a a collection of aphorisms in the form of a manual. Contrary to popular perception, especially in the western world; Kama sutra is not an exclusive sex manual, it presents itself as a guide to a virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family life and other aspects pertaining to pleasure oriented faculties of human life.  As Joy Fellini says, “… this is Spring and mating season…. ;)”

The outfit starts with a unique jeweled headpiece of gold and pink sapphires, as well as a forehead jeweled tiara in the same gems.  It is shown accented by [White~Widow Face Tattoo] Paradise in Pink; this is all about paradise, yes?  Zaara’s Nizam Jhumka Earrings have been tinted various shades of pink to accompany the look.

The short top has a transparent gold overlay which also forms the left sleeve.  The bright colours of pinks, violets, greens and gold of the top are a modern take on traditional Hindu hues and symbols.

Included with the outfit is a jeweled belt which wraps around twice and henna tattoos for the hands, in beautiful swirls of gold, in the form of a tree of life, sprouting from the mid forearm and ending at the finger tips.  Joy is all about details in this glorious outfit.  You can see how the hues become darker on the pants and skirt, and just visible are panels which illustrate various paintings of the Kama Sutra.
Again, to quote Joy,  “the skirt is very very special …. quite naughty but to see it you’ll have to own it !!! :P”

You can see here the jeweled belt and the henna on the left hand/forearm.  The rich golden hues of the pants are repeated throughout the skirt as well.  The painted panels are rich with detail, colour, and faithfully reproduce (ha) the original paintings.

From the front, you can see the draping silky sheer panels which fall from the skirt.  The pants are edged in a gold border and are shown with shoes with gold chains and leather in Aubergine.  An outfit this rich in colour demands equally rich tones in the accessories.  As the outfit goes from paler to deeper colour from top to bottom, so do the accessories.  It’s just the natural order of things.

The Kamasutra from Joy Fellini is another very unique and original design from an artist whom is well known for bringing us just this:  the unexpected.  Happy Spring.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Fellini Couture Kamasutra
[White~Widow Face Tattoo] Paradise Pink
Zaara Nizam Jhumka Earrings (modified)
Tukinowaguma Nicole Ponytail (modified)
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup 1 RD+hair
Stiletto Moody Bare Jayne (Aubergine)

Poses by agapee and Body Talking


Fellini Couture:
Stiletto Moody:
Body Talking:

April 9, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Project FUR Japan II

Project FUR Japan is continuing this week, and another fantastic Japanese designer is showcased today.  The Miss Jazmin Blue Hat shown here is a saucy little side hat with a lavendar orchid rising up from the base, created by the talented Petalos Clary.  The lovely cyan colour is bright, bold, and beautiful, and the hat is just the right accessory for so many looks; here it’s worn with the Azul Lolita dress in Amethyst.  Earrings from ((Crystal line)), designed by Rena Vita, another talented Japanese designer, finish the adornment, whilst the GlitterNight eyeshadow in Cian by Baiastice makes for a dramatic look for the eyes. 

BaOba makes marvelous hats, and this one is not only fabulous, it’s for a great cause, with 100% of the sales proceeds benefiting the JEARS charities.  It goes so well with the layers of chiffon in the Azul dress. 

Petals Clary has not one but two hats at Project FUR Japan, this one the Miss Daisy Hat.  This is a whimsical hat, and a true delight.  The bow is perfectly formed, and the fringe great fun.  Baiastice GlitterNight eyeshadow in Gold and the ((Crystal line)) Triangle Diamond Earrings finish the accessories; hair is by Tukinowaguma.

All money raised from these items will go to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS).

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue is comprised of three private No-Kill animal welfare organizations in Japan; HEART-Tokushima, Animal Friends Niigata and Japan Cat Network. No animal rescued by JEARS will be surrendered to Animal Control (where they would be at risk for euthanasia after three days) under any circumstance. They rescue, reunite and rehome lost and abandoned animals

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Miss Jazmin Blue Hat **** BaObA **** (Project FUR Japan 100% Donation Item)
Miss Daisy Hat **** BaObA ****   (Project FUR Japan 100% Donation Item)       

((Crystal line)) Triangle Diamond Earrings from Accessory Set
Azul Lolita/Amethyst
Tukinowaguma Carilynn
Baiastice Marina Porcelaine makeup 1 RD+hair
Baiastice GlitterNight eyeshadow Cian
Baiastice GlitterNight eyeshadow Gold

April 3, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Project FUR Japan: Kitties, Pearls, Rubies, Pinks, and Poses

Project FUR Japan (Blog has now opened, and scores of Second Life designers have joined the cause to raise funds for JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support).  Three designers are featured here.

Kitties, pearls, rubies, lace, and PINK make for a happy Dancer and a happy day.  Luckily there are some fabulous creators featured at Project FUR Japan that cater to my every delight.  Alienbear Gupte has brought back her Kitty Cyrus collection and then some, with an adorable platinum, diamond and pearl kitty hair clip and bracelet to add to the necklace and earrings she released to members in celebration of her own kitty’s good health in 2009.  The hair clip is so adorable, and adorned enough to be totally high fashion.  Yay for kitties!

Alienbear selected pearls for the Alienbear’s Projet Fur Japan Wt Pearl Earrings, Necklace, and Brooch (not shown) because they are the gem most famously associated with Japan.  She used white and red to represent the Japanese flag, with the white being the pearls and the red being rubies–from the heart of the flag to the heart shaped gems of the center of the jewelry.  She used the Project FUR Japan logo in designing this brand new and unique jewelry set, and it’s truly a beautiful set of painstaking prim work.  Alienbear has really created a spectacular masterpiece for helping the animals in Japan.  (Please click on the photos as always to see the much larger view)

Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice has created this lovely new Nina dress in Pearl, which again stands for the heart of the Japanese gems and culture, but she has infused the dress with a lovely pink hue as well. Many beautiful pearls have a pink luster to them, so the pink really fits well  here.   The lace-work goes from bodice to hem, and is really stunning.  The effect is a softness that melts right to your heart.

The light grey edging of the bodice is so soft, so delicate, and yet very defining for the dress.  The softly shaped sculpted sleeve caps join effortlessly to the dress and provide just the right balance to the top.  The low waist belt has a satin sheen white buckle which is completely in place with the feel of the look.  In this photo, you can see Alienbear’s Kitty Cyrus bracelet as it hangs gracefully from the wrist.

The skirt appears to be slightly asymmetrical, but in reality, the pearl white lace balances out the sculpt, so the result is a classical shaped hemline which looks modern at the same time.  Sissy is an artist when creating couture looks, and this dress really shows it.  The Baiastice Crystal Shoes were chosen to again represent the Japanese flag, with the deep Ruby Red colour.

The back of this dress is a stunner, with a deep V and just the right amount of shoulder and back showing.  Thank you for making a dream dress which will help make the dreams of so many animals come true.

Speaking of animals, Arisia Ashmoot of Body Talking has made a unique set of 5 poses complete with different kitties to go with them for the Project FUR Japan, called The Rabbicats.  They are fun poses, and really show a great sense of joy and love.

Who could resist looking into these eyes and not having a great hug?  Surely not me.

Surrounded by kitty love is what this set is all about.  Please find it in your heart to give at Project FUR Japan.

All money raised from these items will go to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS).

In this horrible Japan tragedy, while every human life that has suffered, passed, or even hurt, thousands of animals in Japan have also lost their lives. They have been left in homes while their owners fled for safety, they have been taken also along the ravaged waves of the tsunami, never to meet up with their owners again; lost, cold, scared, and hungry.

Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue is comprised of three private No-Kill animal welfare organizations in Japan; HEART-Tokushima, Animal Friends Niigata and Japan Cat Network. No animal rescued by JEARS will be surrendered to Animal Control (where they would be at risk for euthanasia after three days) under any circumstance. They rescue, reunite and rehome lost and abandoned animals

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Baiastice Nina Dress Pearl*
Alienbear’s (PF) Kitty Cyrus bracelet*
Alienbear’s Projet Fur Japan Wt Pearl Earrings*
Alienbear’s Project Fur Japan Wt Pearl Necklace*
Alienbear’s (PF) Kitty Cyrus hair clip*
Project Fur The Rabbicat by Body Talking*

Baiastice Yodi Hair Attachment RED (porcelaine)
Baiastice Crystal Ruby Shoes
Baiastice Marina Porcelaine makeup 1 RD+hair
Baiastice Inkta eyeshadow-lilac

Poses by Body Talking and Manifeste

Baiastice Vestale Rosewood
Baiastice Crest Hair Attachment RED (porcelaine)
Baiastice Billy Hair Attachment RED (porcelaine)
Baiastice Fujiko Hair Attachment RED (porcelaine)

April 2, 2011 / dancerdallagio

HELP: Project FUR Japan

People are not the only ones suffering in Japan right now; pets are cold, stressed, and so many are homeless.  Pets are an integral part of many households in Japan, and to those who have lost nearly everything, having their pet cared for means so very much. Luckily, there is a group called JEARS (Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support, a coalition of 3 no-kill shelter groups in Japan plus you can see the facebook page for JEARS here: have come together to aide in this cause.  Blazin Aubret decided to support these groups in SL and has received overwhelming support from so many in the community.  Even before the doors open on 2 April 2011 @ 9am SLT, $1486.76 USD has been raised and donated to JEARS by Project FUR Japan.  Please HELP to make sure that the final amount is so much higher, as the need is so great.  Thank you all in advance for caring and giving.

Many designers have come forth to donate money, talent, and time in creating special items for this event.  Shown here is a jewelry set by Donna Flora, the ALESSANDRA in black.  It comes with necklace, earrings, and a ring and is also available in pink and white.  Both sets are 100% donation items as are all of the items here at the Project FUR Japan fundraiser.  The eyes and nose are jeweled and the bows are a tender touch around the necks of the kitties.  Pink and kitties; what can be more special? More about that sweet kitty looking over my shouder in a bit.

Hazard Kitty’s Shiba Inu (PFJ) is a sweet dog, with movable ears and head, complete with its own sign telling you the food preference.  This is not a pet which requires feeding, but you can always give your dog lots of love and I’m sure it will be appreciated. The beautiful red bow around the neck lets you know that this is one special pup, just waiting for your love.  Those eyes are full of pure love.

Whilst perusing the items at the fundraiser, I ran into Callie Cline, designer diva of SL, who has created these very special KittyCatS.  According to Callie, they have wanted to do something special for Japan, and as she has wanted to do a collection of Lucky Cats for some time, this was the “purrfect” opportunity to not only do something quite special for Japan but also to begin what she hopes will be a large collection of “Lucky Cat” KittyCatS.  This cat, made especially for Project FUR Japan, is called Kibo Neko, which means “hope” and they will also sell the Yuki Neko “courage” companion cat in their stores, all of the proceeds which will also go to Japan.

If you have been on an alternative SL planet, and haven’t heard of the KittyCatS, they are sweet little kitties which you can feed, cuddle, as well as pair up and have little kitten bundles, many of which are quite collectible.  My dear friend Giela has been teaching me a bit about them, and yes, I’ve been bit by the kitty bug.  These special Neko kitties come with many unique features, such as the gold toenails and toes, along with the red heart on the paw pads.  Usual KittyCatS have one solid colour for the toes and paw pad.  These also come with one week’s supply of food.  According to Callie, if you want just a pet, the food will cost you about 75$L a month, which is only about 17$L a week.  That’s a pretty great price for companionship and love. These little kitties come with special red and yellow butterflies they play with, and they bathe themselves and look totally adorable.  You can set the range and their home spot, so that you can always find them.  The scripts are very low lag, too.

The KittyCatS come in a special gold bag, and when you unpack them, they are inside a box with the wording all in Japanese as well as English.  They have new “Porcelain” fur shade, Precious Gold eyes, and a plush tail.  They also come with the Special Red Collar.  On their chest it says “hope” in Japanese; on the other ones it says “courage.”  Drawing inspiration both from the Lucky Cats and from the Japanese spirit and need for hope and courage, I’d say Callie really got this one totally right.  Yes, Giela, I came home with two, and it’s all your fault, but they are for such a good cause and are totally adorable.  Now I just need those two courage ones….

Another very special pet available at Project FUR Japan is this cuddly Polar Bear you can hug (actually, the bear hugs you as much as you hug the bear).  Who doesn’t need hugs these days?  This is a very special Limited Edition VKC Polar Bear, which was brought back just for this event from a Christmas release two years ago by the VKC (Virtual Kennel Club).  This is a very sought after and valued virtual pet to own, and the hugs are just priceless.  You can also get the VKC Penguin as well; both are copy/no trans.

Project FUR Japan has so many types of items available, from pets to jewelry, clothing to landscaping and so much more.  Please come by and purchase and/or donate to the collection boxes for this really great cause.  You will feel very warm and fuzzy inside when you do.

Model & Photographer:  Dancer Dallagio


Donna Flora ALESSANDRA black set necklace, earrings, ring* Project FUR Japan Fundraiser
KittyCatS – Kibo Neko – Hope Kitty* Project Fur Fundraiser
Hazard Kitty Shiba Inu (PFJ)* Project Fur Fundraiser
Baiastice Adima midnight TDR
Baiastice Lotus bow Pumps* fundraiser for Japan
Baiastice Rosario hair attachment-RED (porcelaine)
Baiastice Marina porcelaine makeup 1 -RD+hair
Baiastice Leaf eyeshadow-cian

poses by agapee

photo taken at Project FUR Japan